The Hair Gallery

Welcome to the hair gallery. An experience where art and hair come together as one.

Emilio's salon located in the heart of Sydney at:
Suite 604, Level 6, 321 Pitt St, Sydney 2000

To make an appointment please contact us on:
Telephone: 02 9261 1144
Fax: 9876 5432
Email: emilio@emilio.com.au


Emilio the hair designer

As a hairdressing Master, his impressive efforts and expertise have not gone unnoticed. Emilio have been performing in several city stages in the world, his years of experience, talent and long list of achievements has placed Emilio into the Hairdressing Hall of Fame.

Emilio’s ever fascinating imagination, ingenious platform work and technical hairdressing executions combined with his vibrant persona are endlessly captivating spectators.

Emilio’s ambitions are endless; coordinating his own productions and ever impressive motivational seminars are never failing to lack originality and magnetism, his impressive talent is prominently inspiring local and international audiences again and again.

Emilio the painter

Originally from Rome, Emilio became interested in art at the age of twelve when he visited the studio of Giuseppe Bellinni – Painter/Sculptor who later became his tutor for two years.

Due to the death of his father Emilio postponed his art studies to follow a vocation to priesthood in Turin, but the love of art prevailed and he continued to study art at the Turin College for the next two years.

Later he returned to Rome, still pursuing his dream and painted until he immigrated to Australia where he attended the Paddington Art Academy in Sydney to enhance his real life drawing and painting, which he did for the following three years. As well as selling privately, Emilio has had five very successful exhibitions in Sydney and also has his work shown in Rome and Berlin.

Emilio Hair Gallery
Suite 604, Level 6, 321 Pitt St 
Sydney 2000

Tel: 02 9261 1144
Email: emilio@emilio.com.au